Exhibitions in 2023

“Coorse and Fine” – Newburgh’s Weaving Traditions

The main industries in Newburgh up to the end of the 18th century were farming and handloom weaving. There were 700 weavers in the town with 564 looms. It was hard and heavy labour and the weavers worked very long hours for very little pay. Married couples worked together with the wife spending several hours a day winding the weft ready for the husband to weave.

Highland Folk Museum lent us their loom

“Life on the Tay” – Work and Leisure

The Exhibition ran from Sunday 1 July until Wednesday 27 September 2023. This exhibition displayed photographs and information on Cobble Boat Race Winners from 1914, Generations of Fishermen, Mugdrum Island, Pearl Fishing, The Mars Ship and The Tay Disaster.

“Our Soldiers of World War I & II & Evacuee Exhibition

Exhibition ran from 1 October until 12th November, 2023 – Every Wed and Sun 1pm – 4pm or by appointment.   Moira Wilson, Vice Chairman, put together the Soldier’s exhibition over the years and is always adding new names and information 

At the outbreak of WW2, Newburgh was designated a “Reception Area” by the Government. On 3rd September 1939, a train brought 172 evacuees from Abbeyhill School in Edinburgh to Newburgh.  We have gathered 12 stories of evacuation from people who are connected with Newburgh in various ways. These, with photos and other artefacts, are displayed for local interest..

Helen Welsh, our Secretary, put together the Evacuee Exhibition and has since written the Book “Newburgh’s WW2 Evacuees” This is available from the Lower Laing Museum and on sale on Amazon.